Monday, December 25, 2017

13 Postcard Photos From Ecuador 911 Surveillance Cameras

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is. 
--Ansel Adams

You want great postcard-like photos of Ecuador but do not have time to travel the country to take the photos yourself? You can search blogs and social media or you can search Twitter for the hashtag #PostalECU911.

Ecuador 911 is the national emergency response system. Their Twitter accounts are a great follow for anyone visiting or living in Ecuador. Several locations have Twitter feeds, often named after each province capital. They are a great source of information on road conditions, volcanic activity, and other emergencies around the country.

The photos in this post are all from Ecuador 911's various Twitter accounts. They were captured and shared by cameras monitored by Ecuador 911. Here are my favorite 2017 #PostalECU911 tweets.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Pig Road, Cuenca, Ecuador

I have eyes like those of a dead pig. 
-- Marlon Brando

We lived around the corner from Pig Road in Ecuador, Cuenca. Actually we were around the corner from Avenida Don Bosco but it may as well have been named Pig Road. When asked where we lived, the conversation often went something like this:

New friend: Where do you live?
Us: Near Don Bosco and Francisco de Orellena.
NF: Is that near Pig Road?
Us: Yes, Don Bosco is Pig Road!

A long section of Don Bosco is known for pork restaurants. A look a couple of restaurant entrances helps explain the nick name.

Restaurant Picanteria Crespo, Avenida Don Bosco, Cuenca

Monday, December 11, 2017

Fundraiser Recap - Christmas Gifts for 70 at the Olon Orphanage

On December 24, Papa Noel will hand out Christmas gifts to 70 children and mamitas living at the Olon Orphanage. The gifts are purchased with money from fundraisers, primarily an October dinner and silent auction held in a nearby town.

Montanita is a surf and party destination town along the Ecuador coast, hosting international surf competitions and full moon parties throughout the year. Montanita's Arena Guadua Ecolodge Surfcamp was kind enough to host 2017's orphanage fundraiser.

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Legend about El Panecillo in Quito, Ecuador

“Leer, es otra forma de vivir; en realidad, una hermosa forma de vivir muchas vidas en una.”
“Reading is another way of living; actually, a beautiful way to live many lives in one.”
-- Édgar Allen García, Ecuadorian author who writes about this legend

Hill shaped like Spanish bread

This is a legend about El Panecillo, a famous hill in Quito, Ecuador. It apparently got its name because the shape reminded the Spanish conquistadors of the bread baked in Andalusia, Spain.

El Panecillo from Old Town Quito, Ecuador

El Panecillo in Inca times

Before the conquistadors arrived, the hill was known as Yavirac. The Incas celebrated Inti Raymi, the Festival to the Sun there. During the solstice, people from various regions gathered to sing, dance and drink.